Cover: Adams Family Correspondence, Volume 5 and 6 in HARDCOVER

Adams Family Correspondence, Volume 5 and 6

October 1782 – December 1785

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Publication Date: 12/01/1992


621 pages

14 halftones, 8 line illustrations

Belknap Press

Adams Papers > Series II: Adams Family Correspondence


Superbly edited, beautifully printed and magnificently written, in large part by John and Abigail Adams themselves, this saga of private lives in times of great public peril is as moving and dramatic as anything that has been put between covers in recent years.—Margaret L. Colt, Saturday Review

Here even the Revolution is in the background, subordinate to the immediate business of life. There are letters among John and his relatives; there are also many back and forth between Abigail and her cousins. But the heart of this collection—and heart is the only word for it—is the long interchange between John and Abigail.—Perry Miller, The Christian Science Monitor

Taken together, the four volumes now in print are as full a domestic correspondence as now exists for eighteenth-century America, and the wisdom of bringing them out as a separate series becomes apparent. The value of the correspondence lies accordingly in the opportunity it offers for probing the character of human relations, especially domestic relations during the period… [The editors] supply us with the information for understanding the tone as well as the content of the letters. And the index to the volumes is a work of art in itself.—Edmund S. Morgan, American Historical Review

Abigail Adams, as these volumes suggest, was the nation’s ‘First Lady,’ not only of her husband’s ill-starred presidency, but of this epoch of American history… She was, in sum, one of the superb letter writers in our history; her smooth-flowing prose sparkles, revealing repeatedly the high spirits, the wit, the high intelligence of this remarkable woman.—Jacob F. Cooke, Pennsylvania History

It is of course a familiar tribute to this enterprise to say that it disinters John Adams the man and gives him a place in history at least equal to that of any other Founding Father. In fact by publishing the family letters as a distinct series the editors enhance still more the vigorous personalities, human reactions, and often vehement opinions of their subjects.—Esmond Wright, William and Mary Quarterly

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