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What Are Freedoms For?

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Publication Date: 10/16/2000



Every lawyer and law student should be required to read Garvey in order to learn how to write clearly and persuasively. Dazzling insights waft up unassumingly from the pages, as Garvey carries on the conversation through a succession of interesting constitutional law topics that illustrate, perfectly, his general point: religious liberty, commercial speech (and freedom of speech more generally), freedom of association, sexual intimacy, group freedoms, children and the law, unconstitutional conditions… What Are Freedoms For? is truly a life’s work of scholarship, displaying rare thoughtfulness, patience and maturity.—Michael Stokes Paulsen, Notre Dame Law Review

In this bold and personal evaluation of the prevailing ideology in American law, [John Garvey] argues that the very purpose of freedoms is to allow us to take a stand on either side of the test issues… Being entertaining, sage, and accessible, it is well worth a read.—Ashley Frank, Philosopher

[T]houghtful and balanced.Choice

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