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Harvard East Asian Monographs 203

Re-examining the Cold War

U.S.–China Diplomacy, 1954–1973

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Publication Date: 01/30/2002


528 pages

6 x 9 inches

Harvard University Asia Center > Harvard East Asian Monographs

World, subsidiary rights restricted

  • Preface [Jiang Changbin]
  • Contributors
  • Introduction [Robert S. Ross]
  • 1. The Two Chinas in the Global Setting: Sino–Soviet and Sino–American Cooperation in the 1950s [William C. Kirby]
  • 2. The Changing International Scene and Chinese Policy toward the United States, 1954–1970 [Zhang Baijia]
  • 3. Over the Volcano: The United States and the Taiwan Strait Crisis, 1954–1955 [Ronald W. Pruessen]
  • 4. “A Thorn in the Side of Peace”: The Eisenhower Administration and the 1958 Offshore Islands Crisis [Robert Accinelli]
  • 5. Tension across the Taiwan Strait in the 1950s: Chinese Strategy and Tactics [Gong Li]
  • 6. Steering Wheel, Shock Absorber, and Diplomatic Probe in Confrontation: Sino–American Ambassadorial Talks Seen from the Chinese Perspective [Zhang Baijia and Jia Qingguo]
  • 7. Dialogue of the Deaf?: The Sino–American Ambassadorial-Level Talks, 1955–1970 [Steven M. Goldstein]
  • 8. The Johnson Administration, China, and the Vietnam War [Robert D. Schulzinger]
  • 9. Redefinitions: The Domestic Context of America’s China Policy in the 1960s [Rosemary Foot]
  • 10. Changes in China’s Domestic Situation in the 1960s and Sino–U.S. Relations [Li Jie]
  • 11. Chinese Decision Making and the Thawing of U.S.–China Relations [Gong Li]
  • 12. Détente and the Strategic Triangle: Or, “Drinking Your Mao Tai and Having Your Vodka, Too” [Michael Schaller]
  • Notes
  • Index

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