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Gender Inequalities in Health: A Swedish Perspective

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$15.00 • £12.95 • €13.50

ISBN 9780674005280

Publication Date: 10/01/2001


336 pages

6 x 9 inches

44 line illustrations, 19 tables

World English

  • Preface to the English Translation
  • Foreword to the Swedish Original
  • Gender and Health: Concepts and Explanatory Models [Anne Hammarström, Annika Härenstam, Piroska Östlin]
  • Differences between Men’s and Women’s Health: The Old and the New Gender Paradox [Maria Danjelsson, Gudrun Lindberg]
  • Reproductive Health from an Individual and a Global Perspective [Kajsa Sundström]
  • Gender Inequalities in Health: An Historical and Cultural Perspective [Karin Johannisson]
  • Gender Differences in Mental Health [Tore Hällström]
  • Violence Against Women: A Social, Criminal Justice, Medical or Public Health Problem? [Karen Leander, Maria Danielsson]
  • Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System and How They Affect Men and Women [Eva Vingård, Åsa Kilbom]
  • Work and Cardiovascular Disease Among Men and Women [Töres Theorell]
  • Biological and Social Conditions: Hypotheses Regarding Mortality Differentials between Men and Women [Örjan Hemström]
  • Two Sets of Responsibilities: Weaknesses and Strengths in Women’s History [Ann-Sofie Ohlander]
  • Women’s Health and Changes in Care for the Elderly [Roif Å. Gustafsson, Marta Szebehely]
  • The Future of Gender Inequalities in Health [Annika Härenstam, Gunnar Aronsson, Anne Hammarström]
  • List of Authors
  • Index

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