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The Law of Peoples

With “The Idea of Public Reason Revisited”

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Publication Date: 03/02/2001


208 pages


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  • The Law of Peoples
    • Introduction
    • I. The First Part of Ideal Theory
      • 1. The Law of Peoples as Realistic Utopia
      • 2. Why Peoples and Not States?
      • 3. Two Original Positions
      • 4. The Principles of the Law of Peoples
      • 5. Democratic Peace and Its Stability
      • 6. Society of Liberal Peoples: Its Public Reason
    • II. The Second Part of Ideal Theory
      • 7. Toleration of Nonliberal Peoples
      • 8. Extension to Decent Hierarchical Peoples
      • 9. Decent Consultation Hierarchy
      • 10. Human Rights
      • 11. Comments on Procedure of the Law of Peoples
      • 12. Concluding Observations
    • III. Nonideal Theory
      • 13. Just War Doctrine: The Right to War
      • 14. Just War Doctrine: Conduct of War
      • 15. Burdened Societies
      • 16. On Distributive Justice among Peoples
    • IV. Conclusion
      • 17. Public Reason and the Law of Peoples
      • 18. Reconcilation to Our Social World
  • The Idea of Public Reason Revisited
    • 1. The Idea of Public Reason
    • 2. The Content of Public Reason
    • 3. Religion and Public Reason in Democracy
    • 4. The Wide View of Public Political Culture
    • 5. On the Family as Part of the Basic Structure
    • 6. Questions about Public Reason
    • 7. Conclusion
  • Index

Awards & Accolades

  • John Rawls Is a 1999 National Humanities Medal Winner

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