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Foundations of Organizational Strategy

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ISBN 9780674005648

Publication Date: 03/02/2001


430 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

16 line illustrations, 26 tables


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This is the first time we have had a virtually complete exposition of Jensen’s approach to what has become known as ‘positivist agency theory’ between one set of hard covers. It should thus be extremely welcome to every scholar who wishes to incorporate an agency perspective in his or her work… Jensen’s book is a powerful tool in understanding the implications of this.—Arthur Francis, The Times Higher Education Supplement

A lively collection of a dozen essays spanning over twenty years of original thinking and outstanding scholarship by one of Harvard’s foremost professors. Jensen attacks such diverse issues as the nature of man, the theory of the firm, residual claims and organizational form, agency costs, executive compensation, and organizational performance measurement… [This book] is a collection of insightful concepts drawn from years of teaching and research. It is a coherent, orderly, economic explanation of how and why firms organize and the challenges inherent in small and large businesses. In Foundations of Organizational Strategy, Jensen opens the ‘black box’ of the organization and provides a coherent and logical framework for understanding how and why organizations develop and operate in the market. His attempt succeeds admirably and will reward the reader with not only concepts and models of theoretical organizational behavior but also keen insight applicable in day-to-day organizational endeavors.—Edward J. Smith, Business Economics

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