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The Aesthetics of Thomas Aquinas

Umberto Eco

Translated by Hugh Bredin

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ISBN 9780674006768

Publication Date: 10/25/1988


302 pages

6 x 9 inches


Related Subjects

  • Preface
  • Translator’s Note
  • Aesthetics in Medieval Culture
    • Historiography
    • The Medieval Aesthetic Sensibility
    • Thomas Aquinas
    • The Possibility of Aesthetic Pleasure
    • Plan of the Research
  • Beauty as a Transcendental
    • The Problem
    • The Aesthetic Vision of Things
    • Aquinas’s Texts
    • Modern Interpretations
    • Beauty as a Transcendental in Thirteenth-Century Philosophy
  • The Function and Nature of the Aesthetic Visio
    • The Problem
    • Medieval Texts
    • Aquinas’s Texts
    • The Aesthetic Visio
    • Intellectual Intuition in Aquinas
  • The Formal Criteria of Beauty
    • The Texts
    • The Concept of Form
    • Proportion: The Historical Data
    • The Concept of Proportion in Aquinas
    • Integritas
    • Claritas: The Historical Data
    • Claritas in Aquinas
  • Concrete Problems and Applications
    • The Beauty of the Son of God
    • The Beauty of Mankind
    • The Beauty of Music
    • Play and Playful Verse
    • The Symbolical Attitude
    • Universal Allegory
    • Scriptural and Poetic Allegory
    • Aquinas’s Theory of Allegory
    • Didactic Parabolism
    • A Thomist Poetics
    • Aquinas and Dante
  • The Theory of Art
    • Art and Invention
    • The Ontology of Artistic Form
    • Artistic Form and the Aesthetic
    • On the Possible Autonomy of the Fine Arts
    • The Ambiguity of Art’s Autonomy
  • Judgment and the Aesthetic Visio
    • The Function of the Aesthetic Visio
    • The Nature of the Aesthetic Visio
  • Conclusion
    • The Central Aporia in Aquinas’s Aesthetics
    • The Dissolution of the Concept of Form in Post-Thomistic Scholasticism
    • Aesthetic Categories and Medieval Society
    • Thomistic Methodology and Structuralist Methodology
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Glossary
  • Index

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