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Leveling the Playing Field

How the Law Can Make Sports Better for Fans

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ISBN 9780674006874

Publication Date: 12/14/2001


384 pages


  • Prologue: Sports on Trial
  • I. The Integrity of Sports
    • 1. Misconduct on the Field
    • 2. Honoring Civil Rights in Sports
    • 3. The Deadliest Sin in Sports
    • 4. The Sports War on Drugs
    • 5. Athletes as Role Models
    • 6. The Moral Ideal for American Sports
  • II. Owners versus Players
    • 7. Show Us the Money
    • 8. Sports Joins the Union
    • 9. Opening the Flood-Gates
    • 10. What Antitrust Did for Players
    • 11. How to Level the Player Field
    • 12. Salary Sharing among Players
  • III. Owners versus Owners—and Fans
    • 13. The Brave New World of Franchise Free Agency
    • 14. How Far Have We Traveled?
    • 15. What the Law Should Do with Raiders
    • 16. Stadium Socialism or a Stadium Cap?
    • 17. Sports in Intellectual Space
    • 18. What Should Leagues Be Like?
    • 19. Expand or Break Up the Big Leagues?
    • 20. A Better World for Fans
  • Epilogue: A Performance-Enhancing Law for Sports
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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