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Trauma and Dreams

Edited by Deirdre Barrett

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ISBN 9780674006904

Publication Date: 10/30/2001


282 pages

13 tables


  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction [Deirdre Barrett]
  • Part 1: Dreams After Childhood Trauma
    • 1. Children’s Traumatic Dreams [Kathleen Nader]
    • 2. Dreams and Nightmares of Burned Children [Frederick J. Stoddard, David S. Chedekel, and Laura Shakun]
    • 3. Identifying Sexual Trauma Histories from Patterns of Sleep and Dreams [Kathryn Belicki and Marion Cuddy]
    • 4. The Use of Dreams with Incest Survivors [Johanna King and Jacqueline K. Sheehan]
    • 5. Dreams in Multiple Personality Disorder [Deirdre Barrett]
  • Part 2: Adult Trauma in Wars and Natural Disasters
    • 6. The Healing Nightmare: War Dreams of Vietnam Veterans [Harry A. Wilmer]
    • 7. Who Develops PTSD Nightmares and Who Doesn’t [Ernest Hartmann]
    • 8. Sleep, Dreaming, and Coping Style in Holocaust Survivors [Peretz Lavie and Hanna Kaminer]
    • 9. Dreaming Well: On Death and History [Robert Jay Lifton]
    • 10. The Collective Nightmare of Central American Refugees [Adrianne Aron]
    • 11. Jasmine: Dreams in the Psychotherapy of a Rape Survivor [Karen Hagerman Muller]
    • 12. Dreams of Firestorm Survivors [Alan Siedel]
  • Part 3: Traumas of Normal Living
    • 13. Dreams and Adaptation to Divorce [Rosalind D. Cartwright]
    • 14. Dreams in Bereavement [Patricia Garfield]
    • 15. Neurological Dreams [Oliver Sacks]
    • 16. Integration and Ambivalence in Transplants [Robert Bosnak]
    • 17. Recurrent Dreams: Their Relation to Life Events [Antonio L. Zadra]
  • References
  • Contributors
  • Index

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