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The Future of Child Protection

How to Break the Cycle of Abuse and Neglect

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  • 1. Child Abuse and Neglect Today
    • The Role of Child Protective Services
    • The Demographics of Children in Need of Protection
    • Consequences of Reporting
  • 2. A Comparative Perspective
    • Operation of Child Protective Services
    • Sample Data
    • Criteria for Reporting
    • Procedures after Reporting
    • Differences in Outcome by Type of Reporter
    • Outcomes
    • Why Are U.S. Reporting Rates So High?
  • 3. The Current Child Protective Services System
    • Scope
    • A Brief History of CPS
    • Underlying Assumptions
    • A Critical View of the System
    • Implications for a New Paradigm
  • 4. Entry into the System
    • History of the Reporting Laws
    • The Reporting, Screening, and Investigation System
    • Reforming the Intake System
    • Contents
  • 5. Narrowing as a Strategy to Improve Child Protection
    • The Case for Narrowing
    • What Would “Narrowing” Mean?
    • Evaluating the Case for Narrowing
    • How “Narrowing Plus” Might Be Accomplished
    • Unresolved Issues
  • 6. Differential Response: A New Paradigm for Child Protective Services
    • Paradigms for Child Protective Services
    • The Diversity and Complexity of Families Referred to CPS
    • Features of the Differential Response Paradigm
    • Moving to Differential Response
  • 7. Working Together: Child Protection Reform in Britain
    • The Development of the British CPS System
    • The Impetus for Reform
    • The Children Act of 1989
    • Beyond the Children Act
  • 8. Changing Frontline Practice
    • Implications of the New Paradigm
    • Lessons from Earlier Initiatives to Change
    • Frontline Practice
    • How States and Localities Can Help
  • 9. Reforming Child Protection
    • The Current Child Protective Services System
    • A New Paradigm for Child Protection
    • Moving toward a More Fully Differentiated System
    • Improving the Effectiveness of the CPS
    • System’s Response
    • Increasing the Role of Community Partners in Child Protection
    • The Endpoint of the Reforms
  • Notes
  • Index

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