Cover: Pointing Our Thoughts: Reflections on Harvard and Higher Education, 1991–2001, with a Foreword by Hanna Holborn Gray, from Harvard University PressCover: Pointing Our Thoughts in HARDCOVER

Pointing Our Thoughts

Reflections on Harvard and Higher Education, 1991–2001, with a Foreword by Hanna Holborn Gray

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ISBN 9780674007253

Publication Date: 05/01/2001


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  • Foreword
  • The Enduring University
    • The Values of Education
  • The University and Diversity
    • Diversity and Learning at Harvard
    • Free Expression in a Diverse Society
    • Sustaining an Inclusive Vision
    • Persevering
    • University Debate and Freedom of Speech
    • Access and Affordability
    • Some Essential Institutional Values
  • The Arts and Humanities
    • The Challenging Nature of the Humanities
    • A Perpetual Visual Motion Machine
    • Melodic Transgressions (John Harbison)
    • Testing the Limits (Ellsworth Kelly)
    • Firmly Grounded Ideas
    • A Continuing Conversation
  • Science and Technology
    • New Technologies and Their Promise for Higher Education
    • The Fruits of Science and Serendipity
    • Our Pursuit of Science and Health
    • This Astonishing Technological Phenomenon
  • The Professions, Communities, and Public Service
    • The Changing Professions
    • A Mind As It Reasons (Kathleen Sullivan)
    • Leading Medical Education
    • Landscape Architecture at Harvard
    • Servant of the Public Good (Alan Greenspan)
    • Celebrating Courage and Commitment
    • A Sympathetic Imagination (Justice Margaret Marshall)
    • Casting and Recasting
    • Contributing to the Life of Our Community
  • Thinking Internationally
    • Engaging Global Realities
    • Indigenously American but Simultaneously Global
    • Exchanging Differences
    • A Democrat Who Has Learned from a King (Nelson Mandela)
    • Pitching into Commitments (David Rockefeller)
    • Transforming Situations (Yitzhak Rabin)
    • A Major Turning Point in International Studies
  • The Worlds of Harvard
    • Pointing Our Thoughts
    • Integrating Knowledge
    • A Spirit Not to Be Quenched (Thomas Dudley Cabot)
    • Deeds, Not Creeds (John Loeb)
    • A Lifetime of Service and Care (Joseph Pulitzer, Jr.)
    • Her Own Poetics (Judith Nisse Shklar)
    • Our Lean Galbraithian Hero (John Kenneth Galbraith)
    • Thou Art a Wonder Gome (Reverend Peter Gomes)
    • This Singular Place
    • A Class By Itself
  • An Education
    • Reaching Out
    • The Act of Reading
    • Designed to Be a Genuine Community
    • A Labyrinthine Collegiate Climb
    • Keeping Our Memory Accurate
    • Intensity and Form (Sydney Freedberg)
    • Something Luminous (Harry Levin)
    • Consequential Minds and Presences
    • Passian As Task
    • Self-Education

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