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Harvard East Asian Monographs 194


Pollution and the Struggle for Democracy in Postwar Japan

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Publication Date: 03/21/2002


424 pages

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2 maps, 34 halftones, 1 line drawing, 6 tables

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  • Tables, Maps, and Figures
  • Note on Conventions
  • Introduction
  • I. Background, 1907–1955
    • Town, Factory, and Empire
      • The Setting
      • The Factory Comes to Minamata
      • The Growth of Nitchitsu
      • Nitchitsu, Minamata, and Imperial Japan
    • Minamata before the Disease
      • Nitchitsu and Minamata Society
      • Defeat, Recovery, and Boom
      • Minamata Politics in the 1950s
      • Life in Minamata in the 1950s: Hamamoto Tsuginori
  • II. The First Round of Responses
    • Discovering the Disease and Its Cause
    • The First Solution, 1959
      • The Fisherfolk’s Struggle for Compensation
      • The Victim’s Struggle for Compensation
      • “As Clean as River Water”: The Third Leg of the “Solution”
  • III. “Years of Silence”?
    • Maintaining the Solution
      • The Fishers
      • The Patients
    • Change Undermines the Solution
      • Changes in Minamata
      • Changes in Japan
  • IV. The Second Round of Responses, 1968–1973
    • Bringing the Issue to the Nation
      • 1968
      • An End to Solidarity: Leave It up to Others, or Sue?
      • Kawamoto Teruo and the Uncertified Patients
      • New Forms of Action and a Broadening Base of Support
    • In and Out of Court: The Second Solution
      • The Leaflet War in Minamata
      • Direct Negotiations in Tokyo
      • Defections and Confrontations
      • The Mediation Groups and the Forgery Incident
      • The Trial: Proving Negligence
      • After the Verdict: Negiotating from a Position of Strength
  • V. Since 1973
    • Minamata and the Tragedy of Japan’s “Modernity”
      • Remembering: Tales and Lessons of Minamata
      • Events Since 1973: Toward a More Complete Solution
      • Painfully Slow Healing
  • Conclusion: Minamata and Postwar Democracy
  • Epilogue: Restless Spirits
  • Reference Matter
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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