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Fieldwork in Familiar Places

Morality, Culture, and Philosophy

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ISBN 9780674007949

Publication Date: 05/31/2002


272 pages

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  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • 1. Taking Disagreement Seriously
    • Mapping the Relativist Domain
    • Relativism, Ethnocentrism, and the Decline of Moral Confidence
    • The Empirical Underdetermination of Descriptive Cultural Relativism
    • Cultural Authority, Cultural Complexity, and the Doctrine of Cultural Integration
    • The Perspicuous “Other”: Relativism “Grown Tame and Sleek”
  • 2. The Use and Abuse of History
    • History, Ethnography, and the Blurring of Cultural Boundaries
    • Relativism as a “Kind of Historiography”?
    • Moral Debate, Conceptual Space, and the Relativism of Distance
    • Plus ça Change…: The Myths of Moral Invention and Discovery
  • 3. Morality and Its Discontents
    • On the Supposed Inevitability of Rationally Irresolvable Moral Conflict
    • Pluralism, Conflict, and Choice
    • On the Alleged Methodological Infirmity of Moral Inquiry
    • Does Pessimism about Moral Conflict Rest on a Mistake?
  • 4. Moral Inquiry and the Moral Life
    • Moral Inquiry as an Interpretive Enterprise
    • The Interpretive Turn and the Challenge of “AntiTheory”
    • A Pyrrhic Victory?
    • Objectivity and the Aspirations of Moral Inquiry
  • 5. Morality and Culture through Thick and Thin
    • The Need for Thick Descriptions of Moral Inquiry
    • Moral Conflict, Moral Confidence, and Moral Openness toward the Future
    • Critical Pluralism, Cultural Difference, and the Boundaries of Cross-Cultural Respect
    • The Strange Career of “Culture”
  • Epilogue
  • Notes
  • Works Cited
  • Index

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