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Pathways to Language

From Fetus to Adolescent

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ISBN 9780674008359

Publication Date: 04/30/2002

Academic Trade

272 pages

5-1/2 x 9 inches

1 halftone, 5 line illustrations

The Developing Child


This beautifully written, clearly structured book succeeds in making the intricacies of all aspects of language development accessible to the general reader. It communicates the authors’ enthusiasm for their subject, and never loses sight of the reality of the developing child.—Morag Stuart, The Times Higher Education Supplement

[This] is indeed an exciting, masterfully written and well-organized volume, covering a broad range of topics… Pathways to Language offers a comprehensive coverage of what is currently known about the steps involved in language acquisition. One of the most appealing features of the book, especially for students, is its ability to present a vast number of studies in a clear and concise fashion while critically examining their implications. But perhaps the most appreciated characteristic of the current volume is the authors’ emphasis on the integration of different perspectives in order to deepen our understanding of language acquisition, which should be of interest to anyone concerned with child development.—Barbora Skarabela, Linguistics

This is a timely and very useful book: growing awareness of the importance of language difficulties, and the increasing demands on child psychology caseloads arising from such difficulties mean that knowledge in this area is desirable… [It] addresses complex topics with clarity and fluency, using well-chosen examples, so that a coherent picture of normal language development erges… Beautifully written and well designed… Pathways to Language would make an excellent introduction to the field, but is equally a superb refresher text, capable of re-enthusing busy practitioners.—Pete Lloyd Bennett, DECP Debate

Karmiloff-Smith is widely recognized as one of the most important theorists now working in early cognitive development, for her emphasis on the way that many factors move development forward. With its graceful, lucid style, Pathways to Language takes the reader on a journey, vividly conveying the excitement of all the new discoveries of recent years that have so deeply changed our understanding of what it means to ‘learn language.’—Roberta Golinkoff, University of Delaware

A timely, clear, and valuable book, which offers a masterful overview of the many passionately held positions on the origins and development of language.—Dan Slobin, University of California, Berkeley

Awards & Accolades

  • Annette Karmiloff-Smith Is Winner of the 2002 European Latsis Prize in Cognitive Sciences, European Science Foundation
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