Cover: The Pride of Jacob in HARDCOVER

The Pride of Jacob

Essays on Jacob Katz and His Work

Edited by Jay M. Harris

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$35.00 • £28.95 • €31.50

ISBN 9780674008465

Publication Date: 05/15/2002


  • Preface [Jay M. Harris]
  • Rebel in Frankfurt: The Scholarly Origins of Jacob Katz [David N. Myers]
  • Jacob Katz on Kalakhah and Kabbalah [Israel Ta-Shma]
  • Jacob Katz on Jews and Christians in the Middle Ages [David Berger]
  • Early Modern Ashkenaz in the Writings of Jacob Katx [Elisheva Carlebach]
  • Jacob Katz as Social Historian [Paula E. Hyman]
  • Jacob Katz on the Origins and Dimensions of Jewish Modernity: The Centrality of the German Experience [David Ellenson]
  • How Central Was Anti-Semitism to the Historical Writing of Jacob Katz? [Richard I. Cohen]
  • A Hungarian Rhapsody in Blue: Jacob Katz’s Tardy Surrender to Hagar’s Allur [Michael K. Silber]
  • Jacob Katz on Halakhah, Orthodoxy, and History [Moshe Halbertal]
  • Jacob Katz as a Dissertation Advisor [Immanuel Etkes]

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