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After the Rights Revolution

Reconceiving the Regulatory State

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Publication Date: 10/15/1993


296 pages

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Related Subjects

  • Introduction
    • Regulation and Interpretation
    • The Anachronistic Legal Culture
  • 1. Why Regulation?
    • A Historical Overview
    • Public and Private Ordering
  • 2. The Functions of Regulatory Statutes
    • Market Failures
    • Public-Interested Redistribution
    • Collective Desires and Aspirations
    • Diverse Experiences and Preference Formation
    • Social Subordination Endogenous Preferences
    • Irreversibility, Future Generations, Animals, and Nature
    • Interest-Group Transfers and “Rent-Seeking”
    • The Problem of Categorization
  • 3. How Regulation Fails
    • Failures in the Original Statute
    • Implementation Failure
    • Linking Statutory Function to Statutory Failure
    • Paradoxes of the Regulatory State—and Reform
  • 4. Courts, Interpretation, and Norms
    • Flawed Approaches to Statutory Interpretation
    • Interpretive Principles
    • An Alternative Method
  • 5. Interpretive Principles for the Regulatory State
    • The Principles
    • Priority and Harmonization
    • Fissures in the Interpretive Community
    • The Postcanonical Legal Universe
  • 6. Applications, the New Deal, and Statutory Construction
    • Particulars
    • The New Deal and Statutory Construction
  • Conclusion
    • The Constitution of the Regulatory State—and Its Reform
    • Interpreting the Regulatory State
  • Appendix A. Interpretive Principles
  • Appendix B. Selected Regulations in Terms of Cost Per Life Saved
  • Appendix C. The Growth of Administrative Government
  • Notes
  • Index

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