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Harvard East Asian Monographs 217

On Sacred Grounds

Culture, Society, Politics, and the Formation of the Cult of Confucius

Edited by Thomas A. Wilson

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Publication Date: 03/31/2003


466 pages

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Harvard University Asia Center > Harvard East Asian Monographs

World, subsidiary rights restricted

  • Table, Maps, Music Examples, and Figures
  • Preface
  • Contributors
  • Maps
  • Introduction: Culture, Society, Politics, and the Cult of Confucius [Thomas A. Wilson]
  • I. Rites and Music
    • 1. Ritualizing Confucius/Kongzi: The Family and State Cults of the Sage of Culture in Imperial China [Thomas A. Wilson]
    • 2. Destroying Confucius: Iconoclasm in the Confucian Temple [Deborah Sommer]
    • 3. Musical Confucianism: The case of ‘Jikong yuewu’ [Joseph S. C. Lam]
  • II. Imagining Confucius
    • 4. The Genesis of Kongzi in Ancient Narrative: The Figurative As Historical [Lionel M. Jensen]
    • 5. Varied Views of the Sage: Illustrated Narratives of the Life of Confucius [Julia K. Murray]
  • III. Politics and Society
    • 6. The Cultural Politics of Autocracy: The Confucius Temple and Ming Despotism, 1368–1530 [Huang Chin-shing]
    • 7. The Kongs of Qufu: Power and Privilege in Late Imperial China [Abigail Lamberton]
  • IV. The Past in the Present
    • 8. Knowledge, Organization, and Symbolic Capital: Two Temples to Confucius in Gansu [Jun Jing]
    • 9. The Confucius Temple Tragedy of the Cultural Revolution [Wang Liang]

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