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Kant’s Final Synthesis

An Essay on the Opus Postumum

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Förster’s reading is original, illuminating, and powerful. It represents the present state of the art in our evolving understanding of Kant’s late thought.—Michael Friedman, Inquiry

In 1993, as one volume in the Cambridge edition of the works of Immanuel Kant, there appeared the first-ever English translation of this, Kant’s last major work; selected and edited, with an introduction and notes, by Eckart Förster… This in itself was a great service to English-speaking students of Kant; and Förster has now more than doubled their indebtedness to him by publishing Kant’s Final Synthesis: An Essay on the Opus Postumum; for the last work itself, more than any other of Kant’s, stands sadly in need of sympathetic elucidation.—P. F. Strawson, The Times Literary Supplement

In Kant’s Final Synthesis Eckart Förster lays out the problems posed by Kant’s posthumous opus with unrivalled clarity and succinctness, and sketches solutions as persuasive as any to date, both textually and contextually.—Wayne Waxman, Philosophical Quarterly

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