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The Dignity of Working Men

Morality and the Boundaries of Race, Class, and Immigration

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Publication Date: 10/15/2002


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Related Subjects

    • Introduction: Making Sense of Their Worlds
      • The Questions
      • The People
      • The Research
  • I. American Workers
    • 1. The World in Moral Order
      • “Disciplined Selves”: Survival, Work Ethic, and Responsibility
      • Providing for and Protecting the Family
      • Straightforwardness and Personal Integrity
      • Salvation from Pollution: Religion and Traditional Morality
      • Caring Selves: Black Conceptions of Solidarity and Altruism
      • The Policing of Moral Boundaries
    • 2. Euphemized Racism: Moral qua Racial Boundaries
      • How Morality Defines Racism
      • Whites on Blacks
      • Blacks on Whites
      • Immigration
      • The Policing of Racial Boundaries
    • 3. Assessing “People Above” and “People Below”
      • Morality and Class Relations
      • “People Above”
      • “People Below”
      • The Policing of Class Boundaries
  • II. The United States Compared
    • 4. Workers Compared
      • Profile of French Workers
      • Profile of North African Immigrants
      • Working Class Morality
      • The Policing of Moral Boundaries Compared
    • 5. Racism Compared
      • French Workers on Muslims
      • French Workers’ Antiracism: Egalitarianism and Solidarity
      • North African Responses
      • The Policing of Racial Boundaries Compared
    • 6. Class Boundaries Compared
      • Class Boundaries in a Dying Class Struggle
      • Workers on “People Above”
      • Solidarity à la française: Against “Exclusion”
      • The Policing of Class Boundaries Compared
    • Conclusion: Toward a New Agenda
  • Appendix A: Methods and Analysis
  • Appendix B: The Context of the Interview: Economic Insecurity, Globalization, and Places
  • Appendix C: Interviewees
  • Notes
  • References
  • Index

Awards & Accolades

  • 2001 Mattei Dogan Award, Society for Comparative Research
  • 2000 C. Wright Mills Award, Society for the Study of Social Problems

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