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The World Republic of Letters

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ISBN 9780674010215

Publication Date: 04/30/2007


440 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

Convergences: Inventories of the Present


  • Preface to the English-Language Edition
  • Introduction. The Figure in the Carpet
  • I. The Literary World
    • 1. Principles of a World History of Literature
      • The Bourse of Literary Values
      • Literature, Nation, and Politics
    • 2. The Invention of Literature
      • How to “Devour” Latin
      • The Battle over French
      • The Cult of Language
      • The Empire of French
      • The Herderian Revolution
    • 3. World Literary Space
      • Roads to Freedom
      • The Greenwich Meridian of Literature
      • Literary Nationalism
      • National versus International Writers
      • Forms of Literary Domination
    • 4. The Fabric of the Universal
      • The Capital and Its Double
      • Translation as Littérarisation
      • Language Games
      • The Importance of Being Universal
      • Ethnocentrisms
      • Ibsen in England and in France
    • 5. From Internationalism to Globalization
  • II. Literary Revolts and Revolutions
    • 6. The Small Literatures
      • Literary Destitution
      • Political Dependencies
      • National Aesthetics
      • Kafka and the Connection with Politics
    • 7. The Assimilated
      • Naipaul: The Need to Conform
      • Michaux: What Is a Foreigner?
      • Cioran: On the Inconvenience of Being Born in Romania
      • Ramuz: The Impossible Assimilation
    • 8. The Rebels
      • Literary Uses of the People
      • National Tales, Legends, Poetry, and Theater
      • Legacy Hunting
      • The Importation of Texts
      • The Creation of Capitals
      • The International of Small Nations
    • 9. The Tragedy of Translated Men
      • Thieves of Fire
      • Translated from the Night
      • Comings and Goings
      • Kafka: Translated from Yiddish
      • Creators of Languages
      • Literary Uses of the Oral Language
      • Andrade: The Anti-Camões
      • Swiss Creoleness
    • 10. The Irish Paradigm
      • Yeats: The Invention of Tradition
      • The Gaelic League: Recreation of a National Language
      • Synge: The Written Oral Language
      • O’Casey: The Realist Opposition
      • Shaw: Assimilation in London
      • Joyce and Beckett: Autonomy
      • Genesis and Structure of a Literary Space
    • 11. The Revolutionaries
      • Dante and the Irish
      • The Joycean Family
      • The Faulknerian Revolution
      • Toward the Invention of Literary Languages
  • Conclusion. The World and the Literary Trousers
  • Notes
  • Index

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