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Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series 58

Writing and Materiality in China

Essays in Honor of Patrick Hanan

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Publication Date: 05/30/2003


672 pages

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Related Subjects

  • Illustrations
  • Preface [Ellen Widmer]
  • Contributors
  • Introduction [Lydia H. Liu and Judith T. Zeitlin]
  • I. The Circulation of Writing
    • 1. On Rubbings: Their Materiality and Historicity [Wu Hung]
    • 2. Disappearing Verses: Writing on Walls and Anxieties of Loss [Judith T. Zeitlin]
    • 3. The Literary Consumption of Actors in Seventeenth-Century China [Sophie Volpp]
  • II. Print Culture and Networks of Reading
    • 4. Jin Ping Mei and Late Ming Print Culture [Shang Wei]
    • 5. Duplicating the Strength of Feeling: The Circulation of Qingshu in the Late Ming [Kathryn Lowry]
    • 6. Considering a Coincidence: The “Female Reading Public” circa 1828 [Ellen Widmer]
  • III. The Late Qing Periodical Press: New Images, New Fiction
    • 7. The New Novel Before the New Novel: John Fryer’s Fiction Contest [Anonymous]
    • 8. The Weird in the Newspaper [Rania Huntington]
    • 9. Creating the Urban Beauty: The Shanghai Courtesan in Late Qing Illustrations [Catherine Vance Yeh]
  • IV. Ethnography, Media, and Ideology
    • 10. Texts on the Right and Pictures on the Left: Reading the Qing Record of Frontier Taiwan [Emma J. Teng]
    • 11. Tope and Topos: The Leifeng Pagoda and the Discourse of the Demonic [Eugene Y. Wang]
    • 12. A Folksong Immortal and Official Popular Culture in Twentieth-Century China [Lydia H. Liu]
  • Reference Matter
  • Index

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