Cover: Hungering for America: Italian, Irish, and Jewish Foodways in the Age of Migration, from Harvard University PressCover: Hungering for America in PAPERBACK

Hungering for America

Italian, Irish, and Jewish Foodways in the Age of Migration

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$32.00 • £25.95 • €29.00

ISBN 9780674011113

Publication Date: 04/30/2003


320 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

19 halftones


Diner’s research—into historical accounts, novels, plays, economic studies, personal narratives and vintage demographic surveys—has produced a book jam-packed with fascinating bits of Italian, Irish and Jewish food lore… Diner’s big-hearted attitude toward immigrants and their struggles…along with the rich anecdotal material, may inspire a pang of regret when you’re finished.—Robert Sietsema, The New York Times Book Review

In this fascinating survey of the eating habits and influences of Jewish, Italian, and Irish immigrants, Diner…charts with wit and graceful prose the similarities and differences between these three distinct groups as they encountered mainstream American culture… Diner deftly juggles a huge amount of detail and analysis—drawing upon memoirs, cookbooks, newspaper accounts, films and studies of consumer culture—and provides both political and social insights in a highly accessible social history.Publishers Weekly

For those with an appetite for an excellent book on cultural history, I recommend Hungering for America.—Jack Fischel, Indiana Jewish Post & Opinion

In Hungering for America…Hasia R. Diner provides a richly detailed, highly original study of the changing food habits of three groups of immigrants—Italians, Irish, and Jews—who migrated to the United States between 1880 and 1920.Italian Tribune

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