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Series on Latin American Studies 10

Proclaiming Revolution

Bolivia in Comparative Perspective

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David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies > Series on Latin American Studies


  • Acknowledgements
  • List of Contributors
  • List of Tables
  • List of Figures
  • List of Acronyms
  • Introduction
    • 1. 1952 and All That: The Bolivian Revolution in Comparative Perspective [Merilee S. Grindle]
  • I. How Revolutionary the Revolution?
    • 2. The Bolivian National Revolution: A Comparison [Laurence Whitehead]
    • 3. The Domestic Dynamics of the Mexican and Bolivian Revolutions [Alan Knight]
    • 4. Braked but not Broken: The United States and Revolutionaries in Mexico and Bolivia [Ken Lehman]
  • II. Revolutionary Visions and Actors
    • 5. Revolutionary Memory in Bolivia: Anticolonial and National Projects from 1781 to 1952 [Sinclair Thomson]
    • 6. The Origins of the Bolivian Revolution in the Twentieth Century: Some Reflections [James Dunkerley]
    • 7. Revisiting the Rural Roots of the Revolution [Laura Gotkowitz]
    • 8. Capturing Indian Bodies, Hearths and Minds: ‘El Hogar Campesino’ and Rural School Reform in Bolivia, 1920s–1940s [Brooke Larson]
  • III. Revolutionary Consequences
    • 9. The National Revolution and its Legacy [Juan Antonio Morales]
    • 10. Social Change in Bolivia since 1952 [Herbert S. Klein]
    • 11. A Comparative Perspective on Education Reforms in Bolivia: 1950–2000 [Manuel E. Contreras]
  • IV. Unfinished Agendas and New Initiatives
    • 12. Political Parties Since 1964: The Construction of Bolivia’s Multiparty System [Eduardo Gamarra]
    • 13. Shadowing the Past? Policy Reform in Bolivia, 1985–2002 [Merilee S. Grindle]
    • 14. The Offspring of 1952: Poverty, Exclusion and the Promise of Popular Participation [George Gray Molina]
  • V. Conclusion
    • 15. Revolution and the Unfinished Business of Nation- and State-Building [Pilar Domingo]
  • Bibliography

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