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Modernization from the Other Shore

American Intellectuals and the Romance of Russian Development

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Publication Date: 01/15/2004


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This fascinating, full-blown account of how Russia was reflected in the American mind ranges from the late 1800s, across the 1917 Revolution, and into the harsh, hopeful, tragic assault of modernization in the 1930s… Engerman digs deep into decades of published and unpublished writings by a broad spectrum of Russia experts and traces with skill their impact on government.—Robert Legvold, Foreign Affairs

Readers of Mr. Engerman’s book will be struck by parallels to current globalization debates between ascendant universalists and skeptical particularists.—Bertrand M. Patenaude, The Wall Street Journal

David Engerman has written an original and imaginatively conceived inquiry into cultural perception as a form of social power—and moral challenge. Deftly weaving together Russian and American history, he recounts how U.S. foreign policy intellectuals and experts of all political persuasions allowed persistent cultural stereotypes and universalistic visions of the future to justify unimaginable suffering and death in Russia. This timely and important book speaks urgently not only to haunting moral questions of the century past but also to those in the present.—Thomas Bender, New York University

An impressive work in a number of ways, deeply grounded in primary sources, and exceptionally well written, David Engerman’s book is a treasure trove for students of Russian–American relations.—Abbott Gleason, Brown University

An original, highly stimulating, and beautifully written exploration of the cultural dimension of U.S.–Russian relations. By placing American perceptions of Russia in a broad historical and conceptual context, Engerman recaptures outlooks and frameworks that were at one time central to all serious thinking about international relations. In today’s era of globalization, the problems of universalism and particularism that lie at the core of his account are every bit as relevant for us as they were to his historical protagonists.—Frank Ninkovich, St. John’s University

Based on extraordinary archival research, Engerman’s gripping study is historical scholarship at its most impressive.—Anders Stephanson, Columbia University

Awards & Accolades

  • A Choice Outstanding Academic Title of 2005
  • Co-Winner, 2002–2003 Akira Iriye International History Book Award, Foundation for Pacific Quest

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