Cover: Metamorphosis of the Private Sphere: Gardens and Objects in Tang–Song Poetry, from Harvard University PressCover: Metamorphosis of the Private Sphere in HARDCOVER

Harvard East Asian Monographs 225

Metamorphosis of the Private Sphere

Gardens and Objects in Tang–Song Poetry

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ISBN 9780674012196

Publication Date: 10/15/2003


  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • 1. Having It Both Ways: Manors and Manners in Bai Juyi’s Poetry
    • The Estate and the State
    • How to Possess a Garden
    • The Middling Hermit
  • 2. The Poetics of Space: Presence and Mediation
    • A Gated Space
    • Naturalizing the Garden
    • Nature Framed, Nature Reflected
    • Southern Landscapes in Northern Gardens
  • 3. Fetishism and Its Anxiety: A Poetic Biography of Fantastic Rocks
    • Obsession and Fetishism in the Chinese Tradition
    • The Rock Topos in Pre-Tang Poetry
    • The Ugly, the Grotesque, and the Useless
    • Niu Sengru’s Petromania
    • From Apologia to Satire
    • The Philosophical Critique in the Northern Song
    • Redefining the Ugly, the Grotesque, and the Useless
    • Reconciling Theory and Practice
    • Coda
  • 4. Words and Things: The Exchange of Poetry and Poetry of Exchange
    • A Tale of Two Cranes
    • A Beloved Concubine in Exchange for a Horse
    • Spontaneous Artistry and Calculated Exchanges
    • Three Poems, Two Rocks, One Painting
  • 5. Old Men at Home: The Rhetorics of Joy and Leisure
    • The Transcendence of Sorrow and the Theme of Joy
    • Glorifying the Community of Joyful Elders
    • (Dis)Content with Leisure
    • Back to Gardens
  • Postscript: Reflections on the Private Sphere
  • Reference Matter
    • Works Cited
    • Index of Titles
    • Subject Index

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