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Hellenic Studies Series 5


Second Edition

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ISBN 9780674012721

Publication Date: 02/15/2006


49 photographs, 116 architectural drawings, 16 graphics, 10 GIS models

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  • Introduction [Fritz Graf]
  • A Modern Approach to Ancient Asia Minor [I. Svolos]
  • Introductory Historical Note [Dr. K. Ferla]
  • Old and New Prience—Pythius and Aristotle [Professor W. Hoepfner]
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Agora
  • 3. Ekklesiasterion or Bouleuterion
  • 4. Prytaneion
  • 5. Sanctuary of Athena Polias
  • 6. Asclepieion or Sanctuary of Zeus
  • 7. Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore
  • 8. Other Shrines
  • 9. Theatre
  • 10. Gymnasia
  • 11. Upper Gymnasium
  • 12. Lower Gynmasium
  • 13. Stadium
  • 14. Residential and Commercial Dwellings
  • 15. Christian Buildings
  • 16. Sculpture and Pottery [Eleni Zimi]
  • 17. Appendix I: The Orders of Priene
  • 18. Appendix II: Visual Glossary
  • 19. Glossary
  • 20. Bibliography

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