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War in the Wild East

The German Army and Soviet Partisans

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$31.50 • £25.95 • €28.50

ISBN 9780674012967

Publication Date: 12/01/2004


336 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

16 halftones, 2 maps; 2 tables


  • Introduction: Toward a War of Extermination
  • 1. “Success Comes Only through Terror”: The German Experience of Antiguerrilla Warfare
  • 2. “Jew-Bolsheviks,” Civilians, and Partisans: The Opening Phase, 1941
  • 3. Bloodshed Mushrooms: The Escalating Security Campaign, 1941
  • 4. The Rules Change: Partisan Surge and German Response, 1942
  • 5. More of the Sugar, Less of the Whip: The Battle for Popular Support, 1942
  • 6. Locusts in Field Gray: The Dead Zones Campaign, 1943
  • 7. Fear in the Forest: The War at Close Quarters, 1942 and 1943
  • Conclusion: Reap as You Sow, 1943 and 1944
  • Appendix A. Larger Antipartisan Operations Carried Out by the 221st Security Division, December 1942–April 1943
  • Appendix B. Atrocities Committed by the 221st Security Division’s Subordinate Units, March 1942–August 1943
  • Acknowledgments
  • Abbreviations and Translations
  • Notes
  • Bibliography of Primary Sources
  • Index

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