Cover: Politics, Persuasion, and Educational Testing, from Harvard University PressCover: Politics, Persuasion, and Educational Testing in HARDCOVER

Politics, Persuasion, and Educational Testing

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ISBN 9780674013223

Publication Date: 06/30/2004


264 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

6 line illustrations, 7 tables


McDonnell masterfully moves back and forth between hortatory policy and student testing policy in a way that significantly illuminates both. Her volume makes an important contribution to the policy literature. It is well worth reading.—Kenneth Rowe, Political Science Quarterly

This book is the most penetrating analysis in recent history of how testing politics operates. It is a rare combination of testing, concepts, instruction, conflicting values, and hardball political strategies. It provides a new type of policy instrument—hortatory policy—for scholars and practitioners to use.—Michael Kirst, Stanford University

Filled with colorful actors—from politicians agitating for school reform, to equally determined parents and teachers pushing back—this timely study reminds us that America’s strident battle over standardized testing turns on deeply moral questions. How do we raise our children? What happens inside schools and communities when politicians sanctify official knowledge and routinize how we teach our children? Does testing impoverish the motivating spirit of classrooms, for kids and teachers alike? These questions can’t be ignored after McDonnell shines a bright light on testing debate.—Bruce Fuller, University of California, Berkeley

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