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Modern Enchantments

The Cultural Power of Secular Magic

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Simon During’s book shows deep, wide reading in an awe-inspiring range of disciplines, including urban history, German Romantic philosophy, and modern cultural critiques of consumption… Modern Enchantments is a richly informed, warmly argued addition to the growing number of books in which writers worry at the pervasive blurring of distinctions between act and appearance, organic consciousness and artificial intelligence, imagination and empirical experience, illusion and thought, reality TV and real life, dreams and money.—Marina Warner, Financial Times

A well-researched and finely paced history of performance magic… During’s history and analysis is certainly thorough and compelling.—James Flint, The Guardian

The first major academic work on secular magic—magic that makes no claim to the supernatural. The historical research is outstanding, while presented in an entertaining, indeed quite charming, manner. Yet Modern Enchantments is not only a pleasurable account of perhaps forgotten histories… During uses secular magics and their audiences to profoundly problematise assumptions that general culture does not have a plurality of modes of engaging with quite sophisticated nihilisms, materialisms, depths and depthlessnesses of a non-spiritual kind.—Andrew Murphie, Australian Humanities Review

[This] is the first comprehensive academic history of stage magic, the product of vast research, and rewarding to read.—Fred Nadis, Technology and Culture

During documents the extent to which magic and magical thinking have pervaded, and continue to pervade, secular life…the author examines 19th- and 20th-century theatrical magic and ‘commercial conjuring’ with great sensitivity to the social and cultural context in the Western world. Equally fascinating is the analysis of magic and early film.—R. Sugarman, Choice

The erudition behind this book is massive, and as a critical act of sorting and synthesizing so vast a range of materials, it is impressively canny.—James Chandler, author of England in 1819: the Politics of Literary Culture and the Case of Romantic Historicism

Modern Enchantments offers a history of ‘secular,’ or non-supernatural, or entertainment magic as an important but neglected constituent of modern culture… During moves confidently across three centuries of magic (and covers aspects of a few more besides). The sheer wealth of historical detail he provides is impressive, but no less impressive is the subtlety of his argumentation, and the suggestiveness of his claims… This extremely significant piece of work will appeal to literary critics, historians, and not least, devotees of magic.—Nicholas Daly, author of Modernism, Romance, and the Fin de Siècle: Popular Fiction and British Culture, 1880–1914

Modern Enchantments is a magisterial, breathtaking book. Magic is everywhere, During notes, from the simple act of naming to the complicated technologies of the cinema. By connecting performance and religion, he brilliantly shows how older forms of ritual magic find a new and different space in modern culture, reappearing as show business, advertising, and fiction making. This dazzling and stimulating book is sure to rekindle wide interest in spiritualism and magic as makers of modern culture. Modern Enchantments is cultural history at its best.—Gauri Viswanathan, author of Outside the Fold: Conversion, Modernity, and Belief

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