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The Sea, Volume 13: The Global Coastal Ocean

Multiscale Interdisciplinary Processes

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ISBN 9780674015265

Publication Date: 09/15/2005


1062 pages

7 x 10 inches

16 color illustrations, 50 halftones, 150 line illustrations

The Sea: Ideas and Observations on Progress in the Study of the Seas


  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Contributors
  • External Reviewers
  • Part 1. Perspective
    • 1. Interdisciplinary Multiscale Coastal Dynamical Processes and Interactions / Allan R. Robinson, Kenneth H. Brink, Hugh W. Ducklow, Richard A. Jahnke and Brian J. Rothschild
    • 2. Coastal Physical Processes Overview / Kenneth H. Brink
    • 3. Multiple Scales in Space and Time / Brian J. Rothschild
  • Part 2. Sediment, Biogeochemical and Ecosystem Dynamics and Interactions
    • 4. Recent Advances in Fine-Grained Sediment-Transport Processes on the Continental Shelf / Andrea S. Ogston, Richard W. Sternberg and Charles A. Nittrouer
    • 5. Organic Matter in Coastal Marine Sediments / Susan M. Henrichs
    • 6. Transport Processes and Organic Matter Cycling in Coastal Sediments / Richard A. Jahnke
    • 7. Boundary Exchanges in the Global Coastal Margin: Implications for the Organic and Inorganic Carbon Cycles / Fred T. Mackenzie, Andreas J. Andersson, Abraham Lerman and Leah May Ver
    • 8. Circulation, Mixing and the Distribution of Remineralized Nutrients / Larry P. Atkinson, John M. Huthnance and Jose Luis Blanco
    • 9. The Biogeochemistry of Carbon Dioxide in the Coastal Oceans / Hugh W. Ducklow and S. Leigh Mccallister
    • 10. Ecosystem Types and Processes / Daniel M. Alongi
    • 11. The Role of Sediments in Shelf Ecosystem Dynamics / Jack J. Middelburg and Karline Soetaert
    • 12. Dynamics and Interactions of Autotrophs, Light, Nutrients and Carbon Dioxide / Trevor Platt, Richard Geider, Antoine Sciandra, Claire Copin-Montegut, Heather Bouman and Shubha Sathyendranath
    • 13. Diagnosis and Prediction of Variability in Secondary Production and Fish Recruitment Processes: Developments in Physical–Biological Modeling / Jeffrey A. Runge, Peter J. S. Franks, Wendy C. Gentleman, Bernard A. Megrey, Kenneth A. Rose, Francisco E. Werner and Bruno A. Zakardjian
    • 14. Processes and Patterns of Interactions in Marine Fish Populations: An Ecosystem Perspective / Philippe Cury, Pierre Freon, Coleen L. Moloney, Lynne Shannon and Yunne-Jai Shin
    • 15. The Biogeochemistry of Organic Chemicals of Environmental Concern in the Coastal Oceans / John Farrington
  • Part 3. Multiple Time Scales of Variabilities
    • 16. Biological Consequences of Interannual to Multidecadal Variability / Francisco P. Chavez
    • 17. Extreme Events Transporting Sediment Across Continental Margins: The Relative Influence of Climate and Tectonics / Jeffrey D. Parsons and Charles A. Nittrouer
    • 18. Long Term Sea Level Changes and Their Impacts / Philip L. Woodworth, Jonathan M. Gregory and Robert J. Nicholls
  • Part 4. Scientific Issues for Applications
    • 19. Overview of Science Requirements / Thomas C. Malone, Tony Knap and Michael J. Fogarty
    • 20. Functional Diversity and Stability of Coastal Ecosystems / John H. Steele and Jeremy S. Collie
    • 21. Eutrophication / Nancy N. Rabalais
    • 22. Harmful Algal Blooms: Keys to the Understanding of Phytoplankton Ecology / Adriana Zingone and Tim Wyatt
    • 23. Habitat Modification / Michel J. Kaiser, Stephen J. Hall and David N. Thomas
    • 24. Regime Shifts / Andrew Bakun
  • Index

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