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Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings, Volume 2: Part 1


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ISBN 9780674015883

Publication Date: 06/15/2005

Academic Trade

480 pages

6-3/8 x 9-1/4 inches

8 halftones

Belknap Press

Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings > Volume 2:


  • Moscow, 1927
    • Dream Kitsch
    • The Political Groupings of Russian Writers
    • On the Present Situation of Russian Film
    • Reply to Oscar A.H. Schmitz
    • Introductory Remarks on a Series for L’Humanité
    • Moscow
    • Review of Gladkov’s Cement
    • Journalism
    • Gottfried Keller
    • Diary of My Journey to the Loire
    • Review of Soupault’s Le coeur d’or
    • The Idea of a Mystery
    • Review of Hessel’s Heimliches Berlin
    • A State Monopoly on Pornography
  • Image Imperatives, 1928
    • Curriculum Vitae (III)
    • André Gide and Germany
    • Main Features of My Second Impression of Hashish
    • Conversation with André Gide
    • Old Toys
    • Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s Der Turm
    • Moonlit Nights on the rue la Boétie
    • Karl Kraus Reads Offenbach
    • The Cultural History of Toys
    • Toys and Play
    • Everything Is Thought
    • Books by the Mentally Ill
    • Review of the Mendelssohns’ Der Mensch in der Handschrift
    • Food Fair
    • Paris as Goddess
    • The Path to Success, in Thirteen Theses
    • Weimar
    • The Fireside Saga
    • News about Flowers
    • Review of Green’s Adrienne Mesurat
    • Goethe
    • Karl Kraus [Fragment]
  • The Return of the Flâneur, 1929
    • Chaplin
    • Program for a Proletarian Children’s Theater
    • Surrealism
    • Chaplin in Retrospect
    • Chambermaids’ Romances of the Past Century
    • Marseilles
    • On the Image of Proust
    • The Great Art of Making Things Seem Closer Together
    • Milieu Theoreticians
    • Children’s Literature
    • Robert Walser
    • The Return of the Flâneur
    • Short Shadows (I)
    • A Communist Pedagogy
    • Notes on a Conversation with Béla Balász
    • Some Remarks on Folk Art
    • Tip for Patrons
  • Crisis and Critique, 1930
    • Notes (II)
    • Notes (III)
    • Program for Literary Criticism
    • Notes on a Theory of Gambling
    • The Crisis of the Novel
    • An Outsider Makes His Mark
    • Theories of German Fascism
    • Demonic Berlin
    • Hashish, Beginning of March 1930
    • Julien Green
    • Paris Diary
    • Review of Kracauer’s Die Angestellten
    • Food
    • Bert Brecht
    • The First Form of Criticism That Refuses to Judge
    • From the Brecht Commentary
    • Against a Masterpiece
    • Myslovice—Braunschweig—Marseilles
    • A Critique of the Publishing Industry
    • Graphology Old and New
    • Characterization of the New Generation
    • The Need to Take the Mediating Character of Bourgeois Writing Seriously
    • False Criticism
    • Antitheses
  • A Note on the Texts
  • Chronology, 1927–1934
  • Index

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