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Stagolee Shot Billy

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Publication Date: 09/30/2004

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  • Introduction: The Tradition of Stagolee
  • I. Stagolee and St. Louis
    • 1. Stagolee Shot Billy
    • 2. Lee Shelton: The Man behind the Myth
    • 3. That Bad Pimp of Old St. Louis: The Oral Poetry of the Late 1890s
    • 4. “Poor Billy Lyons”
    • 5. Narrative Events and Narrated Events
    • 6. Stagolee and Politics
    • 7. Under the Lid: The Underside of the Political Struggle
    • 8. The Black Social Clubs
    • 9. Hats and Nicknames: Symbolic Values
    • 10. Ragtime and Stagolee
    • 11. The Blues and Stagolee
  • II. The Thousand Faces of Stagolee
    • 12. Jim Crow and Oral Narrative
    • 13. Riverboat Rouster and Mean Mate
    • 14. Work Camps, Hoboes, and Shack Bully Hollers
    • 15. William Marion Reedy’s White Outlaw
    • 16. Cowboy Stagolee and Hillbilly Blues
    • 17. Blueswomen: Stagolee Did Them Wrong
    • 18. Bluesmen and Black Bad Man
    • 19. On the Trail of Sinful Stagolee
    • 20. Stagolee in a World Full of Trouble
    • 21. From Rhythm and Blues to Rock and Roll: “I Heard My Bulldog Bark”
    • 22. The Toast: Bad Black Hero of the Black Revolution
    • 23. Folklore/Poplore: Bob Dylan’s Stagolee
  • III. Mammy-Made: Stagolee and American Identity
    • 24. The “Bad Nigger” Trope in American Literature
    • 25. James Baldwin’s “Staggerlee Wonders”
    • 26. Stagolee as Cultural and Political Hero
    • 27. Stagolee and Modernism
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Awards & Accolades

  • An Esquire Best Book of 2003

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