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Hellenic Studies Series 7

Master of the Game

Competition and Performance in Greek Poetry

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Publication Date: 01/02/2005

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Master of the Game has a unity not easily obtained in such a survey, and so it should be interesting to researchers concerned with different themes. Collins’s defense of a reading preoccupied with the performance contexts of Greek literature allows him to present us a quite vivid picture of it, something unfortunately missing in many interpretative books on classical texts.—Christian Werner, Bryn Mawr Classical Review

The author is lucid and careful in his discussion of primary texts, and he provides balanced and helpful (e.g., translation of foreign quotations) references to secondary material. This is an interesting study that should prove to be useful to scholars working in many different fields, especially if read with other recent work on the procedural aspects of verse competition and the symposium. Readers will appreciate the two indices (general and source), as well as an elaborate table of contents and the frequent summing-up sections. It is also an attractively produced book.—Jonathan Burgess, Phoenix

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