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Deadly Cultures

Biological Weapons since 1945

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$96.50 • £77.95 • €87.00

ISBN 9780674016996

Publication Date: 01/30/2006


496 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

14 line illustrations, 10 tables


  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • 1. Historical Context and Overview [Mark Wheelis, Lajos Rózsa, and Malcolm Dando]
  • 2. The US Biological Weapons Program [John Ellis van Courtland Moon]
  • 3. The UK Biological Weapons Program [Brian Balmer]
  • 4. The Canadian Biological Weapons Program and the Tripartite Alliance [Donald Avery]
  • 5. The French Biological Weapons Program [Olivier Lepick]
  • 6. The Soviet Biological Weapons Program [John Hart]
  • 7. Biological Weapons in Non-Soviet Warsaw Pact Countries [Lajos Rózsa and Kathryn Nixdorff]
  • 8. The Iraqi Biological Weapons Program [Graham S. Pearson]
  • 9. The South African Biological Weapons Program [Chandré Gould and Alastair Hay]
  • 10. Anticrop Biological Weapons Programs [Simon M. Whitby]
  • 11. Antianimal Biological Weapons Programs [Piers Millet]
  • 12. Midspectrum Incapacitant Programs [Malcolm Dando and Martin Furmanski]
  • 13. Allegations of Biological Weapons Use [Martin Furmanski and Mark Wheelis]
  • 14. Terrorist Use of Biological Weapons [Mark Wheelis and Masaaki Sugishima]
  • 15. The Politics of Biological Disarmament [Marie Isabelle Chevrier]
  • 16. Legal Constraints on Biological Weapons [Nicholas A. Sims]
  • 17. Analysis and Implications [Malcolm Dando, Graham Pearson, Lajos Rózsa, Julian Perry Robinson, and Mark Wheelis]
  • Appendix: The Biological Weapons Convention
  • Notes
  • Contributors
  • Index

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