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Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings, Volume 2: Part 2


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ISBN 9780674017467

Publication Date: 06/15/2005

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480 pages

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Belknap Press

Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings > Volume 2:


  • The Destructive Character, 1931
    • In Parallel with My Actual Diary
    • Criticism as the Fundamental Discipline of Literary History
    • Critique of the New Objectivity
    • We Ought to Reexamine the Link between Teaching and Research
    • Hofmannsthal and Aleco Dossena
    • Left-Wing Melancholy
    • Theological Criticism
    • Karl Kraus
    • Literary History and the Study of Literature
    • German Letters
    • May–June 1931
    • Unpacking My Library
    • Franz Kafka: Beim Bau der Chinesischen Mauer
    • Diary from August 7, 1931, to the Day of My Death
    • Little History of Photography
    • Paul Valéry
    • The Lisbon Earthquake
    • The Destructive Character
    • Reflections on Radio
    • Mickey Mouse
    • In Almost Every Example We Have of Materialist Literary History
    • The Task of the Critic
  • Ibizan Sequence, 1932
    • Experience
    • On Ships, Mine Shafts, and Crucifixes in Bottles
    • On the Trail of Old Letters
    • A Family Drama in the Epic Theater
    • The Railway Disaster at the Firth of Tay
    • Privileged Thinking
    • Excavation and Memory
    • Oedipus, or Rational Myth
    • On Proverbs
    • Theater and Radio
    • Ibizan Sequence
    • A Berlin Chronicle
    • Spain, 1932
    • Light from Obscurantists
    • The Handkerchief
    • In the Sun
    • The Rigorous Study of Art
    • Hashish in Marseilles
    • The Eve of Departure
    • On Astrology
    • “Try to Ensure That Everything in Life Has a Consequence”
    • Notes (IV)
  • Thought Figures, 1933
    • The Lamp
    • Doctrine of the Similar
    • Short Shadows (II)
    • Kierkegaard
    • Stefan George in Retrospect
    • Agesilaus Santander (First Version)
    • Agesilaus Santander (Second Version)
    • Antitheses Concerning Word and Name
    • On the Mimetic Faculty
    • Thought Figures
    • Little Tricks of the Trade
    • Experience and Poverty
  • The Author’s Producer, 1934
    • Once Is as Good as Never
    • The Newspaper
    • Venal but Unusable
    • The Present Social Situation of the French Writer
    • The Author as Producer
    • Notes from Svendborg, Summer 1934
    • Hitler’s Diminished Masculinity
    • Franz Kafka
  • A Note on the Texts
  • Chronology, 1927–1934
  • Index

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