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Justice, Luck, and Knowledge

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ISBN 9780674017702

Publication Date: 03/31/2005


524 pages

6 line illustrations


  • Introduction: Responsibility and Justice
  • I. Responsibility
    • 1. Philosophical Landscape: The New Articulation of Responsibility
    • 2. Why Alternate Sequences Are Irrelevant to Responsibility
    • 3. Why Responsibility Is Not Essentially Impossible
    • 4. Responsibility, Luck, and the “Natural Lottery”
  • II. Justice
    • 5. Philosophical Landscape: The Luck-Neutralizing Approach to Distributive Justice
    • 6. Why the Aim to Neutralize Luck Cannot Provide a Basis for Egalitarianism
    • 7. Roemer on Responsibility and Equality
    • 8. The Currency of Distributive Justice and Incentive Inequality
    • 9. The Real Roles of Responsibility in Justice
    • 10. From Ignorance to Maximin: A Bias-Neutralizing Alternative
  • Appendix: Outline of the Arguments
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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