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Harvard East Asian Monographs 251

Gendering Modern Japanese History

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  • About the Contributors
  • Introduction
  • I. Gender, Selfhood, Culture
    • 1. Made in Japan: Meiji Women’s Education [Martha Tocco]
    • 2. Thoughts on the Early Meiji Gentleman [Donald Roden]
    • 3. Commodifying and Engendering Morality: Self-Cultivation and the Construction of the “Ideal Woman” in 1920s Mass Women’s Magazines [Barbara Sato]
  • II. Genders, Bodies, Sexualities
    • 4. “S” is for Sister: Schoolgirl Intimacy and “Same-Sex Love” in Early Twentieth-Century Japan [Gregory M. Pflugfelder]
    • 5. Seeds and (Nest) Eggs of Empire: Sexology Manuals/Manual Sexology [Mark Driscoll]
    • 6. Engendering Eugenics: Feminists and Marriage Restriction Legislation in the 1920s [Sumiko Otsubo]
  • III. Gender, Empire, War
    • 7. Making “Soldiers”: The Imperial Army and the Japanese Man in Meiji Society and State [Theodore F. Cook, Jr.]
    • 8. Reading the Japanese Colonial Archive: Gender and Bourgeois Civility in Korea and Manchuria before 1932 [Barbara J. Brooks]
    • 9. Women’s Deaths as Weapons of War in Japan’s “Final Battle” [Haruko Taya Cook]
  • IV. Gender, Work, Economy
    • 10. Gendering the Labor Market: Evidence from the Interwar Textile Industry [Janet Hunter]
    • 11. Sorting Coal and Pickling Cabbage: Korean Women in the Japanese Mining Industry [W. Donald Smith]
    • 12. Managing the Japanese Household: The New Life Movement in Postwar Japan [Andrew Gordon]
  • V. Theorizing Gender
    • 13. The Quest for Women’s Rights in Turn-of-the-Century Japan [Barbara Molony]
    • 14. Womanhood, War, and Empire: Transmutations of “Good Wife, Wise Mother” before 1931 [Kathleen Uno]
    • 15. Toward a Critique of Transhistorical Femininity [Ayako Kano]
    • 16. Feminism and Media in the Late Twentieth Century: Reading the Limits of a Politics of Transgression [Setsu Shigematsu]
  • Index

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