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Harvard Series in Islamic Law 2

The Islamic School of Law

Evolution, Devolution, and Progress

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Publication Date: 02/25/2006


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  • Preface
  • 1. The Madhhab in Islamic Legal Theory [Bernard Weiss]
  • 2. Al-Awza’i and Sufyan al-Thawri: The Umayyad Madhhab? [Steven C. Judd]
  • 3. Continuity and Change in Islamic Law: The Concept of Madhhab and the Dimensions of Legal Disagreement in Hanafi Scholarship of the Tenth Century [Eyyup Said Kaya]
  • 4. The Introduction of Malik’s Teachings in al-Andalus [Alfonso Carmona]
  • 5. Proto-Malikis, Malikis, and Reformed Malikis in al-Andalus [Maribel Fierro]
  • 6. Madhhab and Madrasa in Eleventh-Century Baghdad [Daphna Ephrat]
  • 7. Fidelity, Cohesion, and Conformity within Madhhabs in Zangid and Ayyubid Syria [Daniella Talmon-Heller]
  • 8. The Beginnings of the Zahiri Madhhab in al-Andalus [Camilla Adang]
  • 9. Intra-Madhhab Ikhtilaf and the Late Classical Imami Shiite Conception of the Madhhab [Robert Gleave]
  • 10. What Does It Mean to Be an Official Madhhab? Hanafism and the Ottoman Empire [Rudolph Peters]
  • 11. Madhhabs and Modernities [Brinkley Messick]
  • 12. Islam and Nationalism in Indonesia: Forging an Indonesian Madhhab [Mark E. Cammack]
  • 13. Inter-Madhhab Surfing, Neo-Ijtihad, and Faith-Based Movement Leaders [Ihsan Yilmaz]
  • Endnotes
  • Contributors
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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