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A Political Life

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  • Frisson: “La Marseillaise” (The French National Hymn)
  • I. Allons enfants de la Patrie
    • 1. Napoleone di Buonaparte
      • Unsceptered Isle: Corsica in the Eighteenth Century
      • The Buonapartes of Ajaccio
      • Napoleon’s Childhood
    • 2. The Making of the Patriot
      • To France (Autun and Brienne)
      • Gentleman and Officer
      • Family
      • Enfant de la Patrie (Psychology)
      • Enfant de la Patrie (Ideas)
      • Corsican Junkets
    • 3. The Unmaking of the Patriot
      • Annuit Coeptis: The French Revolution and the Emergence of “the Political”
      • Divergences: Corsica and Napoleon in the Revolution
      • Styles of Patriotism: Paoli versus the Bonapartes
      • Interlude: Writer in the Making?
      • Napoleon in France (May–October 1792)
      • Forced Departure (1793)
      • Beyond Patriotism
    • 4. Robespierre on Horseback
      • “The Supper at Beaucaire”
      • Recognition
      • The Dinner at Ancona
      • The Spinner’s Plans
      • Vendémiaire, Year IV
  • II. Le jour de gloire est arrivé
    • 5. Love and War
      • Clisson in Love
      • A Rose by Any Other Name
      • The Improviser of Victory: The First Italian Campaign (1796–1797)
      • “Three to One”: The “Moral” Elements of Victory
      • Lodi
    • 6. Apprenticeship in Statecraft: Italy and Egypt
      • “Cister” Republics
      • Death in Venice (of a Jacobin Reputation)
      • France Seen from the Army of Italy
      • Paris Interlude
      • A Passage to India: Egypt, 1798–1799, the Military Operation
      • Sultan El-Kebir—Governing Egypt
      • Egypt: A Balance Sheet
    • 7. Power (I): Taking It (Brumaire)
      • “Politics” and “the Political”
      • “The National Mess”: The State of France, 1798–1799
      • The Return of the Prodigy
      • Brumaire: An Actor’s Nightmare
    • 8. Power (II): Using It (The Consulate)
      • The Pastiche of the Year VIII
      • War in Italy (Again): The Second Italian Campaign, 1800
      • The Blocks of Granite: Le Politique
      • Concordat
      • Economy, State, and Society: Bourgeois Consolidation?
      • The Politics of Depoliticization…
      • …and the “National” Fix
      • Napoleon and the Bonapartes
  • III. Contre nous, de la tyrannie
    • 9. Power (III): Naming It (From Citizen Consul to Emperor of the French)
      • Parallel Lives, Parallel Plots (1800–1802)
      • Consul for Life (1802–1804)
      • The War of Dirty Tricks
      • Getting Worse: The Coming of the Empire
      • Stupete Gentes!: The Republican Emperor
      • Coronation
      • Legitimacy: The Never-Ending Quest
    • 10. La Guerre—Encore (et pour toujours)
      • The Failure of the Peace
      • Forming the Third Coalition
      • The Great Campaign (1805)
      • From Grande Nation to Grand Empire
      • The Fourth Coalition (1806–1807): The Prussian and the Russian Campaigns
      • Blockade (I)
    • 11. The Empire—and Its Fissures (1807–1810)
      • Imperator and Imperium
      • The Janus Face of the Grand Empire
      • Spain
      • The War of the Fifth Coalition: 1809
      • The Pope and the Emperor
  • IV. L’Etendard sanglant est levé
    • 12. The Great Unraveling (1810–1812)
      • Highwater: Divorce, Remarriage, Heir
      • The Crisis of 1810–1811
      • The Blockade (II)
      • The Napoleonic Dream: Political Economy as National Economics
      • 1812 Overture
      • The Flight Forward
      • The Leader and His Men
      • His Master’s Voice
    • 13. The Collapse (1812–1814)
      • Malet
      • Pius and Impious (The Pope and the Emperor Again)
      • 1813: The Crusade of the Sovereigns
      • The National Revival Manqué
      • The Lion in Winter: The Champagne Campaign (1814)
      • Abdication?
      • Abjection
    • 14. Nation-Talk: The Liberal Empire
      • “Vesuvius Next Door to Naples”: Napoleon on Elba (May 1814–March 1815)
      • The Kingdom of the Weather Vane: Restoration France
      • The Eagle Has Landed
      • The Hundred Days (March 20–June 29)
      • Sub specie aeternitatis…
      • The Jacobin Specter
      • The Nation-Talker: Napoleon Chameleon
      • Waterloo: Vae Victis
      • Abjection (II), Abdication (II)
    • 15. Shadows: “The Liberal Empire”
      • The New “Saint”
      • Memoirs
      • Sickness unto Death
      • The Napoleonic Tradition(s)
  • Introduction (Misplaced)
  • Notes
  • Bibliographical Comments
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

Awards & Accolades

  • Best Book on the First Empire by a Foreigner, Napoleon Foundation

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