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America Unequal

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ISBN 9780674018112

Publication Date: 03/25/1997


240 pages

6 x 9 inches

24 line illustrations, 16 tables

Russell Sage Foundation Books at Harvard University Press


America Unequal shows that even within the circumscribed meaning of conservative politics, while ‘everyone’ gained from growth in the postwar decades, only a few have gained over the past twenty years… [Danziger and Gottschalk’s] argument…[is] clear and persuasive.—Jacob Kramer, The Nation

An incredibly useful book… In jargon-free prose…[Danziger and Gottschalk] review the competing theories which social scientists have used to account for the unpleasant economic news of the 1980s and 1990s—a time when the United States economy has prospered even as poverty and economic inequality have increased… Taking into account what is politically and practically possible, the authors talk sensibly about government policies to alleviate the situation.—Virginia Quarterly Review

The book is of considerable use to American Studies practitioners. It is written for the lay person. It is clear, precise and assumes no prior knowledge of economics… For those of us who seek to understand modern America, the importance of a book like this, written in accessible English and with all terms explained so that we can interpret the data, is in providing a useful anchor or corrective to reliance only on factors rooted in abstracted media images. And, in an age of swinging cutbacks and demoralisation in higher education, the book offers us a look at a society where education really is the key to success.—Stephen Burwood, Borderlines [UK]

This book contains much of value for those who have only a passing knowledge of recent distribution changes and are seeking to learn more. Because the authors’ presentation of the basic distributional statistics is accessible to those unfamiliar with the field, the book could be very useful in an undergraduate class focused on distributional issues… America Unequal is well written and concise, and I recommend it to anyone who wishes to begin learning about the subject.—McKinley Blackburn, Industrial and Labor Relations Review

America Unequal is not only about social inequality, but about poverty, employment, economic growth and government social policy. The book is a rich brew of information and ideas about the complex interactions between these different phenomena. Indeed, it offers an incisive analysis of social conditions in contemporary America… This is an important book. It makes a major contribution to unraveling the factors that contribute to heightened inequality and poverty in the United States. It is meticulously researched and should serve as an invaluable resource for policy makers.Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare

[An] admirably brief and clearly argued book…[and] a valuable distillation and summary of the last fifteen years of economic research on poverty.—Nicholas Lemann, Transition

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