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Primate Psychology

Edited by Dario Maestripieri

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ISBN 9780674018471

Publication Date: 09/06/2005


640 pages

28 halftones, 16 line illustrations, 14 tables


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  • Preface
  • The Past, Present, and Future of Primate Psychology [Dario Maestripieri]
  • Aggression [J. Dee Higley]
  • Conflict Resolution [Peter G. Judge]
  • Sexuality [Kim Wallen, Julia L. Zehr, Rebecca A. Herman, and Franklynn C. Graves]
  • Attachment [Dario Maestripieri]
  • Parenting [Lynn A. Fairbanks]
  • Social Development and Affiliation [James R. Roney and Dario Maestripieri]
  • Comparing Cognitive Development [Jesse M. Bering and Daniel J. Povinelli]
  • Social Cognition [Josep Call and Michael Tomasello]
  • Personality [Samuel D. Gosling, Scott O. Lilienfeld and Lori Marino]
  • Emotions and Behavioral Flexibility [Filippo Aureli and Andrew Whiten]
  • Nonvocal Communication [Lisa A. Parr and Dario Maestripieri]
  • Nonlinguistic Vocal Communication [Michael J. Owren, Drew Kendall, and Jo-Anne Bachorowski]
  • Language [Duane M. Rumbaugh, Michael J. Beran, and E. Sue Savage-Rumbaugh]
  • Brain Substrates for Communication, Cognition, and Handedness [William D. Hopkins, Dawn L. Pilcher, and Claudio Cantalupo]
  • Psychopathology [Alfonso Troisi]
  • References
  • Contributors
  • Index

Awards & Accolades

  • A Choice Outstanding Academic Title of 2005

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