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Law, Pragmatism, and Democracy

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Publication Date: 10/31/2005


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  • Preface
  • Introduction: Pragmatic Liberalism and the Plan of the Book
  • 1. Pragmatism: Philosophical versus Everyday
    • The Pragmatic Mood and the Rise of Philosophical Pragmatism
    • Orthodox versus Recusant Pragmatism
    • The Influence of Philosophical Pragmatism on Law
    • Everyday Pragmatism
  • 2. Legal Pragmatism
    • Some Principles of Pragmatic Adjudication
    • John Marshall as Pragmatist
    • The Objections to Legal Pragmatism Recapitulated
  • 3. John Dewey on Democracy and Law
    • Deweyan Democracy: From Epistemic to Deliberative
    • Dewey’s Concept of Political Democracy Evaluated
    • Dewey’s Theory of Law
    • The Theory Extended
  • 4. Two Concepts of Democracy
    • Concept 1 Democracy: Idealistic, Deliberative, Deweyan
    • Concept 2 Democracy: Elite, Pragmatic, Schumpeterian
    • American Democracy Today
    • Democracy and Condescension
  • 5. Democracy Defended
    • The Two Concepts Evaluated
    • But Is the Well Poisoned?
    • Pragmatism and Convergence
    • An Economic Interpretation of Concept 2 Democracy
    • A Behavioralist Interpretation
    • But Is Concept 2 Democracy Legitimate?
  • 6. The Concepts Applied
    • The Impeachment of President Clinton
    • The 2000 Election Deadlock
    • Judges on Democracy
    • Schumpeter, Antitrust, and the Law of Democracy
    • Of Human Nature
  • 7. Kelsen versus Hayek: Pragmatism, Economics, and Democracy
    • Kelsen’s Theory of Law
    • Kelsen, Pragmatism, and Economics
    • Kelsen Positivism Contrasted with the Positivist Theories of Hart and Easterbrook
    • Hayek’s Theory of Adjudication
    • Hayek on Kelsen; Kelsen and Schumpeter
  • 8. Legality and Necessity
    • Crisis Prevention as Pragmatic Adjudication
    • Lawyers’ Hubris
    • Clinton v. Jones
  • 9. Pragmatic Adjudication: The Case of Bush v. Gore
    • The Case
    • A Potential Crisis Averted
    • A Pragmatic Donnybrook
    • The Perils of Formalism
    • The Democratic Legitimacy of Pragmatic Adjudication Revisited
    • Coping with Indeterminacy
  • 10. Purposes versus Consequences in First Amendment Analysis
    • The Pragmatic Approach to Free Speech
    • The “Purposivist” Critique of the Pragmatic Approach
  • Conclusion
  • Index

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