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The New Language of Science

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Publication Date: 11/30/2005

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272 pages

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Related Subjects

  • Prologue: Really Big Questions
  • Background
    • 1. Electric Rain: Information in Our Lives
    • 2. The Spell of Democritus: Why Information Will Transform Physics
    • 3. In-Formation: The Roots of the Concept
    • 4. Counting Bits: The Scientific Measure of Information
    • 5. Abstraction: Beyond Concrete Reality
    • 6. The Book of Life: Genetic Information
    • 7. A Battle among Giants: Reductionism and Emergence
    • 8. The Oracle of Copenhagen: Science Is about Information
  • Classical Information
    • 9. Figuring the Odds: How Probability Measures Information
    • 10. Counting Digits: The Ubiquitous Logarithm
    • 11. The Message on the Tombstone: The Meaning of Entropy
    • 12. Randomness: The Flip Side of Information
    • 13. Electric Information: From Morse to Shannon
    • 14. Noise: Nuisance and Necessity
    • 15. Ultimate Speed: The Information Speed Limit
    • 16. Unpacking Information: The Computer in the Service of Physics
    • 17. Bioinformatics: Biology Meets Information Technology
    • 18. Information Is Physical: The Cost of Forgetting
  • Quantum Information
    • 19. The Quantum Gadget: Quantum Weirdness Brought to Light
    • 20. A Game of Beads: The Wonder of Superposition
    • 21. The Qubit: Information in the Quantum Age
    • 22. Quantum Computing: Putting Qubits to Work
    • 23. Black Holes: Where Information Goes to Hide
  • Work in Progress
    • 24. Bits, Bucks, Hits and Nuts: Information beyond Shannon
    • 25. Zeilinger’s Principle: Information at the Root of Reality
  • Notes
  • Index

Awards & Accolades

  • A Choice Outstanding Academic Title of 2005

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