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Series on Latin American Studies 14

Passing Lines

Sexuality and Immigration

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  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Contributors
  • I. Introduction
  • II. Trends in Immigration
    • 1. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Immigration but Were Afraid to Ask [Marcelo Suárez-Orozco]
    • 2. Heteronormativity, Responsibility, and Neo-liberal Governance in U.S. Immigration Control [Eithne Luibhéid]
  • III. Legal Matters
    • 3. Refugee Law, Gender, and the Human Rights Paradigm [Deborah Anker]
    • 4. Gay Enough: Some Tensions in Seeking the Grant of Asylum and Protecting Global Sexual Diversity [Alice M. Miller]
    • 5. Intimate Conduct, Public Practice, and the Bounds of Citizenship: In the Wake of Lawrence v. Texas [Brad Epps]
    • 6. Gay Rights Are Human Rights: Gay Asylum Seekers in Canada [Bill Fairbairn]
  • IV. Symbolic and Material Economies
    • 7. Tolerance and Intolerance in Sexual Cultures in Latin America [Roger N. Lancaster]
    • 8. Cultures of the Puerto Rican Queer Diaspora [Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes]
    • 9. Politicizing Abjection: Towards the Articulation of a Latino AIDS Queer Identity [Alberto Sandoval-Sánchez]
    • 10. HIV and the Transnational Movement of People, Money, and Microbes [Paul Farmer and Nicole Gastineau]
  • V. Women Immigrants, Women Activists
    • 11. Unwilling or Unable: Asylum and Non-State Agents of Persecution [Matthew E. Price]
    • 12. Witnessing Memory and Surviving Domestic Violence: The Case of Rodi Alvarado Peña [Angélica Cházaro]
    • 13. “Yo no estoy perdida”: Immigrant Women (Re)locating Citizenship [Kathleen M. Coll]
    • 14. Immigration, Self-Exile, and Sexual Dissidence [Norma Mogrovego]
    • 15. An Oral History of Brazilian Women Immigrants in the Boston Area [Heloisa Maria Galvão]
  • Index

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