Cover: The Emergence of Modern Business Enterprise in France, 1800–1930, from Harvard University PressCover: The Emergence of Modern Business Enterprise in France, 1800–1930 in HARDCOVER

Harvard Studies in Business History 49

The Emergence of Modern Business Enterprise in France, 1800–1930

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Publication Date: 01/15/2006


588 pages

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Harvard Studies in Business History


  • Prologue
  • Assessing French Economic Development
  • Some Preliminary Considerations
  • Plan of the Book
  • Introduction: Laying the Foundations for Modern Capitalism in France, 1500–1800
    • Creating France
    • The Rise of Merchant Capitalism
    • The Beginning of Industrial Capitalism
    • Banking and Finance
    • The French Revolution
    • Aftermath of Revolution
  • I. From Merchant Capitalism to Finance Capitalism
    • 1. Continuity and Change in Merchant Capitalism, 1800–1840s
      • Retrenchment and Renewal in Provincial France
      • Paris and the Remaking of French Merchant Capitalism
    • 2. The Revolution in Banking and Transportation, 1840–1870s
      • The Banking Revolution
      • The Transportation Revolution
    • 3. The New World of Financial and Commercial Capitalism, 1870s–1900s
      • The Maturation of Banking and Finance
      • Transforming and Transcending the Wholesale Trade
      • The Beginnings of Mass Retailing
  • II. The Flowering of Industrial Capitalism, 1800–1900
    • 4. Textile Capitalism
      • Cotton
      • Linen and Jute
      • Woolens
      • Silk
    • 5. The Capitalism of Coal
      • The Birth and Maturation of an Industry, 1700s–1860
      • The Coal Companies in the Their Prime, 1860–1914
    • 6. The Capitalism of Iron and Steel
      • From the Old to the New Metallurgy, 1800–1860
      • The Age of Steel Begins, 1860–1880
    • 7. Hardware, Machinery, and Construction
      • The Hardware Industry Transformed
      • The New Metallurgical Manufacturing
    • 8. The Capitalism of Chemicals
      • Heavy Chemicals
      • The New Chemicals
    • 9. The Capitalism of Glass, Paper, and Print
      • Glass
      • Paper and Print
    • 10. Industrial Capitalism and Consumer Goods
      • Flour and Breadstuffs
      • Sugar and Confectionery
      • Soap and Vegetable Oil
      • Clothing and Home Furnishings
    • 11. The New World of Industrial Capitalism
      • Financing Industrial Enterprise
      • Managing Labor
      • Managing the Business Environment
  • III. The Second Industrial Revolution and the Beginnings of Managerial Capitalism, 1880S–1930s
    • 12. Big Steel
      • The Remaking of French Iron and Steel, 1870s–1914
      • World War I and Its Aftermath
    • 13. The Electrical Industry
      • The Early Years, 1890s–1914
      • Growth, Maturation, and the Rise of Big Business, 1914–1930
    • 14. The Automobile and Its Allies
      • The Automobile Industry
      • Tire and Rubber
      • Aircraft and Aircraft Engines
      • Petroleum
    • 15. Industrial Chemicals and Materials
      • The Survival and Transformation of Two Established Powers
      • Electrochemicals and Electrometals
      • Industrial Gases
      • Pharmaceuticals and Artificial Fibers
      • Big Cement
    • 16. The New World of Managerial Capitalism
      • Managing the Railroads
      • Managing the Large Industrial Enterprise
      • Conclusion: France on the Verge
  • Notes
  • Index
  • Tables
    • 1. The twenty largest French coal companies, 1865–1869 and 1890–1894
    • 2. France’s fifty largest manufacturing firms, 1936
    • 3. The twenty-five largest French iron and steel firms in 1913
    • 4. The twenty-five largest French iron and steel firms in 1930
    • 5. France’s largest electrical enterprises in 1929–1930
    • 6. Assets and workforces of the largest American, German, and French electrical manufacturing companies in 1929–1930
    • 7. The thirty largest French industrial firms in 1990

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