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Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume 102

Edited by Albert Henrichs

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ISBN 9780674019607

Publication Date: 01/31/2006


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  • Editorial Note [William Allan, Albert Henrichs, Christopher Jones, Ivy Livingston, Gregory Nagy, and Richard F. Thomas]
  • Hestia: Hearth, Goddess, and Cult [Mika Kajava]
  • Untrustworthy Apollo and the Destiny of Achilles: Iliad 24.55–63 [Jonathan Burgess]
  • Relative Pronouns and Memory: Pindar beyond Syntax [Anna Bonifazi]
  • Pindar’s Olympian 11 Re-Visited Post-Bundy [William Race]
  • An Ox-Fronted River-God (Sophocles, Trachiniae 12–13) [Michael Clarke]
  • Religious Syncretism: The New Gods of Greek Tragedy [William Allan]
  • Notes on a Lead Letter from the Athenian Agora [Edward Harris]
  • A Legacy from the Library of the Lyceum? Inquiry into the Joint Transmission of Theophrastus’ and Aristotle’s Metaphysics Based on Evidence Provided by Manuscripts E and J [Miriam Hecquet-Devienne]
  • Dionysus and Donkeys on the Streets of Alexandria: Eratosthenes’ Criticism of Ptolemaic Ideology [Jordi Pàmias]
  • Polybian Demagogues in Political Context [Craige B. Champion]
  • The Magic of (Some) Allusions: Philodemus AP 5.107 (GPh 3188 ff.; 23 Sider) [Marco Fantuzzi]
  • Binary Phrases and the Middle Style as Social Code: Rhetorica ad Herennium [Brian Krostenko]
  • Catullan Excavations: Pindar’s Olympian 10 and Catullus 68 [Deborah Steiner]
  • Cicero’s Devotio: The Rôles of Dux and Scape-Goat in His Post Reditum Rhetoric [Andrew Dyck]
  • Capellae at the End of the Eclogues [Mario Geymonat]
  • Nisus and Euryalus: Exploiting the Contradictions in Virgil’s Doloneia [Sergio Casali]
  • Ovid, Varro, and Castor of Rhodes: The Chronological Architecture of the Metamorphoses [Thomas Cole]
  • Impersonating the Banished Philosopher: Pseudo-Seneca’s Liber Epigrammaton [Niklas Holzberg]
  • On Editing the Silvae [E. Courtney]
  • On Editing the Silvae: A Response [D. R. Shackleton Bailey]
  • Summaries of Dissertations for the Degree of Ph.D.

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