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Series on Latin American Studies 16

Philanthropy and Social Change in Latin America

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Publication Date: 01/25/2006


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David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies > Series on Latin American Studies

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  • Prologue: Leveraging Time and Money: Philanthropy and the Social Deficit in Latin America [John H. Coatsworth]
  • Editors’ Introductions and Acknowledgments
  • About the Contributors
  • I. Latin American Philanthropy, Past and Present
    • 1. Philanthropy in Latin America: Historical Traditions and Current Trends [Cynthia A. Sanborn]
    • 2. Catholic Philanthropy and Civil Society: The Lay Volunteers of St. Vincent de Paul in 19th-Century Mexico [Silvia Marina Arrom]
    • 3. Volunteers and Donors: Patterns of Civic Engagement in Contemporary Peru [Felipe Portocarrero]
    • 4. A “New Volunteering” in the Brazilian Context [Leilah Landim]
  • II. The Corporate Contribution: Social Responsibility in Changing Times
    • 5. The Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility in Latin America [Felipe Aguero]
    • 6. Intersectoral Alliances and the Reduction of Social Exclusion [Rosa Maria Fischer]
    • 7. Private Contributions to the Public Sphere: Corporate Foundations in Colombia [Cristina Rojas and Gustavo Morales]
    • 8. Business and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Peruvian Case [Francisco Durand]
    • 9. Corporate Social Action in a Context of Crisis: Reflections on the Argentine Case [Mario M. Roitter and Marcelo Camerlo]
  • III. Foundations and Frameworks: Building an Enabling Environment
    • 10. Private Resources for Public Ends: Grantmakers in Brazil, Ecuador, and Mexico [Shari Turitz and David Winder]
    • 11. Too Much or Too Little? The Role of Tax Incentives in Promoting Philanthropy [Ignacio Irrarzaval and Julio Guzman]
    • 12. Creating a Favorable Environment for Philanthropy and Civil Society: The Case of Brazil [Eduardo Szazi]
    • 13. Enabling Environments for Philanthropy and Civil Society: The Chilean Case [Gonzalo de la Maza]
    • 14. Self-Regulation and the Legitimacy of Civil Society: Ideas for Action [Rodrigo Villar]
  • IV. Reflections from International Practice
    • 15. Organized Philanthropy North and South [Christine W. Letts]
    • 16. Building Civil Society Legitimacy and Accountablity with Domain Accountability Systems [L. David Brown]
    • 17. Strengthening Philanthropy and Civil Society Through Policy Reform: From Proposals to Action [Merilee S. Grindle]
  • Index

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