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The Sensory Hand

Neural Mechanisms of Somatic Sensation

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ISBN 9780674019744

Publication Date: 12/30/2005


640 pages

32 halftones, 121 line illustrations, 19 tables


  • Acknowledgments
  • 1. Perception and the World of Somesthesis
  • 2. The Evolution and Structure of the Hand
  • 3. General Features of Somatic Afferent Systems
  • 4. Sensory Innervation of the Primate Hand
  • 5. Large-Fibered Peripheral Interface
  • 6. Dorsal Systems and the Dorsal Column Nuclear Complex
  • 7. Small-Fibered Peripheral Interface
  • 8. Ascending Spinal Cord Systems of Intrinsic Origin
  • 9. Dual Functions of the Dorsal Thalamus
  • 10. Postcentral Somatic Sensory Areas in Primates
  • 11. Dynamic Neural Operations in Somatic Sensibility
  • 12. Dynamic Neural Operations the Sense of Flutter Vibration
  • 13. Parietal Lateral System and Somatic Sensibility
  • 14. Parietal Frontal Sensory Motor Transition
  • 15. Adaptive Reorganizations of Central Somatic Sensory Networks
  • 16. Haptic Sense As Substitute for Vision
  • References
  • Index

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