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The Sea, Volume 14B: The Global Coastal Ocean

Interdisciplinary Regional Studies and Syntheses

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Publication Date: 09/30/2006


810 pages

7 x 10 inches

24 color illustrations, 50 halftones, 150 line illustrations

The Sea: Ideas and Observations on Progress in the Study of the Seas


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  • 20. The Coastal Oceans of South-Eastern Africa [Johann R.E. Lutjeharms]
  • 21. Variability of the Benguela Current System [John G. Field and Frank A. Shillington]
  • 22. A Note On Coastal Upwellings and Fisheries in the Gulf of Guinea [Claude Roy]
  • 23. Oceanography and Fisheries of the Canary Current/Iberian Region of the Eastern North Atlantic [Javier Aristegui, Xose A. Alvarez-Salgado, Eric D. Barton, Francisco G. Figueiras, Santiago Hernandez-Leon, Claude Roy, and Antonio M. P. Santos]
  • 24. The Bay of Biscay: The Encountering of the Ocean and the Shelf [Alicia M. Lavin, Luis Valdes, Francisco Sanchez, Pablo Abaunza, Andre Forest, Jean Boucher, Pascal Lazure, and Anne-Marie Jegou]
  • 25. Interdisciplinary Studies in the Celtic Seas [Jonathan Sharples and Patrick M. Holligan]
  • 26. The Baltic and North Seas: A Regional Review of Some Important Physical–Chemical–Biological Interaction Processes [Johan Rodhe, Paul Tett, and Fredrik Wulff]
  • 27. Iceland, Faroe and Norwegian Coasts [Eilif Gaard, Astthor Gislason, and Webjorn Melle]
  • 28. Laptev and East Siberian Seas [Sergey V. Pivovarov, Jens A. Holemann, Heidemarie Kassens, Dieter Piepenburg, and Michael K. Schmid]
  • 29. Ecosystem of the Barents and Kara Seas, Coastal Segment [Mikhail Yu. Kulakov, Vladimir B. Pogrebov, Sergey F. Timofeyev, Natalia V. Chernova, and Olga A. Kiyko]
  • 30. Physical Forcing of Ecosystem Dynamics On the Bering Sea Shelf [Phyllis J. Stabeno, George L. Hunt, Jr., Jeffrey M. Napp, and James D. Schumacher]
  • 31. Oceanography of the Northwest Passage [Fiona A. McLaughlin, Edward C. Carmack, R. Grant Ingram, William J. Williams, and Christine Michel]
  • 32. The Physical, Sedimentary and Ecological Structure and Variability of Shelf Areas in the Mediterranean Sea [Nadia Pinardi, Marco Zavatarelli, Enrico Arneri, Alessandro Crise, and Mariangela Ravaioli]
  • 33. Physical and Biogeochemical Characteristics of the Black Sea [Temel Oguz, Suleyman Tugrul, A. Erkan Kideys, Vedat Ediger, and Nilgun Kubilay]
  • 34. Seas of the Arabian Region [Claudio Richter and Ahmad Abuhilal]
  • 35. Interactions Between Physical, Chemical, Biological, and Sedimentological Processes in Australia’s Shelf Seas [Scott A. Condie and Peter T. Harris]
  • 36. New Zealand Shelf Region [Janet M. Bradford-Grieve, P. Keith Probert, Keith B. Lewis, Philip Sutton, John Zeldis, and Alan R. Orpin]
  • 37. Oceanographic Influences On Antarctic Ecosystems: Observations and Insights from East Antarctica (0 to 150E) [Stephen Nicol, Anthony P. Worby, Peter G. Strutton, and Thomas W. Trull]

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