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Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume 103

Edited by Albert Henrichs

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ISBN 9780674021303

Publication Date: 02/15/2008


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Volume 103 of Harvard Studies in Classical Philology includes the following contributions: Renaud Gagné, “Winds and Ancestors: The Physika of Orpheus”; Jonas Grethlein, “The Poetics of the Bath in the Iliad”; Daniel Turkeltaub, “Perceiving Iliadic Gods”; Ruth Scodel, “The Gods’ Visit to the Ethiopians in Iliad 1”; Alberto Bernabé, “The Derveni Theogony: Many Questions and Some Answers”; Herbert Granger, “The Theologian Pherecydes of Syros and the Early Days of Natural Philosophy”; Olga Levaniouk, “The Toys of Dionysos”; Filippomaria Pontani, “Shocks, Lies, and Matricide: Some Thoughts on Aeschylus Choephoroi 653–718”; David Wolfsdorf, “φιλία in Plato’s Lysis”; Vayos Liapis, “How to Make a Monostichos: Strategies of Variation in the Sententiae Menandri”; Stanley Hoffer, “The Use of Adjective Interlacing (Double Hyperbaton) in Latin Poetry”; Alan Cameron, “The Imperial Pontifex”; Llewelyn Morgan, “Neither Fish nor Fowl? Metrical Selection in Martial’s Xenia”; Christina Kokkinia, “A Rhetorical Riddle: The Subject of Dio Chrysostom’s First Tarsian Oration”; Andrew Turner, “Frontinus and Domitian: Laus principis in the Strategemata”; Miriam Griffin, “The Younger Pliny’s Debt to Moral Philosophy”; Gregory Hays, “Further Notes on Fulgentius”; Wayne Hankey, “Re-evaluating E. R. Dodds’ Platonism”; Seán Hemingway and Henry Lie, “A Copper Alloy Cypriot Tripod at the Harvard University Art Museums”; and Maura Giles-Watson, “Odysseus and the Ram in Art and (Con)text: Arthur M. Sackler Museum 1994.8 and the Hero’s Escape from Polyphemos.”

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